Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Children's E-Books are Ready!

I am happy to announce that Friends and Vacation to Outer Space are now available on, and on my sister website 

Friends is a story that I wrote, about a Bear, a Squirrel, and a Rabbit who were all quite different yet the best of friends.  The story talks about how Rabbit feels left out when Bear and Squirrel are able to climb trees and he is not.  Bear and Squirrel being the good friends that they are, decide they are going to help Rabbit to climb a tree.  

Vacation to Outer Space is about a boy named David who is playing in his room and imagining that he is taking a Vacation into Space.  This story was written with my imaginative son in mind, who could make a card board box into a space ship, or a boat, or a car, and see the world on his adventures in his playroom.  

I hope you enjoy my E-Books, please leave me a review on here or on Amazon, if you and your children have decided to read them together.  

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