Monday, August 11, 2014

Sisters and Flea Markets History at its finest!

This weekend I traveled with the baby to stay at my sister's house for the night. Our plan was to be up and out the door by 6:30a.m. babies in tow to scavenge the local flea market. 
It is not often my sister and I have the opportunity to sit face to face without the distraction of a holiday or family party and so we were thrilled at the opportunity to do so.  I cannot tell you specifically all that we did or talked about, nor would it be all that important to you, but what I will say is boy did we laugh!  I mean really laughed!  Crying, hurt my sides, barely able to speak laugh!  We stayed up much later than we should since we had early morning plans and we shared and laughed, in a way only sisters can.  Sisterhood is a beautiful thing.  Its like taking a trip in a time machine back to when we were just two young girls sharing a room.  We share an understanding that only family can understand, raised by the same parents, in the same home, with the same traditions, jokes, isms that only make sense for those who lived there.  I felt transported to those nights where we stayed up late sharing secrets and giggling uncontrollably trying to stifle our outburst for fear that our parents would come in. Only this time we tried to not wake the babies.
It was fitting that our early morning plans were to pick through vendors tables at her local flea market.  Which by the way we were up and out the door by 6:30a.m. as planned.  With an adrenaline surged by the excitement to shop and share a day with my sister we were up and armed with coffees and cash.  The beauty of a flea market is you never know what you are going to find!  I found scrapbooking materials, clothes, pictures, and toys for the kids.  The history you see at the flea market is beautiful.  Each time I bring a piece into my home I like to imagine who may have had it before me.  Did they use it the same way?  It brings character into my home, a character developed over the years of things that were once considered treasures, then possibly replaced for something newer, only to be treasured once again.  
This picture is my favorite find.  My children will see this picture on our wall and it will instill a feeling, perhaps even a memory.  For me each time I read it I will think of my mother, my home my upbringing, my sister.  Who knew a weekend away at the flea market could do all that!

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