Thursday, August 21, 2014

Setting our Sights on Routines and Resolutions for the New School Year

There is a peace and calm that overcomes me when I look out on a beautiful horizon.  A cool breeze catches my hair and the sound of nature, faint murmurs, and quiet bird song fill my spirit and I suddenly feel inspired. I look at my children and I see that they too are in awe of God's creations and I make a solemn vow to slow down more often, forget the amusement parks, movie theaters, and loud over-stimulation that our society emphasizes and just sit and look out.

The fall rather than January first has always meant the start of the new year for me.  It is when all seems to start afresh.  The play and relaxation of summer usually gives me the energy to plan to do more, be better, and start something new.  With two children now in the school system I have spent the last month signing them up for various after school activities, taking care not to overbook them so as to leave time for homework, prayer, and family.  On Wednesday my oldest will embark on his new school year, First Grade. I am so excited for his journey, new friends, learning and the like.  My Middle will begin Kindergarten, a full day of school, new teachers, and a new school.  Things will change for me as well on Wednesday.  I will be home with just one baby.  I will have many hours dedicated to her attention, and I no doubt will be anticipating the stories, and arrival of the two eldest from school in the afternoon.  With this change questions began popping up in my head.  Will I have more free time?  If so, what will I do with it?  What are my goals and resolutions for the new year?

I decided to make a list, just like many people do on January first, so that I can check back at the end of the school year.

*  Read at least one book a month

*  Finish baby scrapbook
*  Finish my picture book
*  Volunteer at pregnancy center
*  Make dinner most nights
*  Make time for mom's group meetings
*  Make time for weekday mass at least once a week
*  Get more organized
*  Finish home renovations
*  Read to the kids every night before bed
*  Bedtime prayers with the kids every night
*  Blog at least once a week
*  Make time for friendships
*  Date night every other week
*  Have more patience

Here's to a blessed and wonderful new school year, may our routines keep us comforted and our resolutions keep us focused.  May we never forget that family and God is most important, while we embark in exciting new beginnings where anything is possible.

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